How to Use Herbal Products



❗️Please do not use our products if you are allergic to any ingredients in our products. Please do a small patch test and use a smaller amount before using larger amounts. Do not use if you have an overly sensitive scalp or skin problems.Our products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. No results are promised or guaranteed. No liability is taken by Queensanity®️

1. Are all of Queensanity®️ Products Natural?

Yes! All of our products are made with Organic/Natural Herbs and Organic Cold Pressed Oils. All hair vitamins are Natural or Vegan.

*No Chemicals

*No Artificial Fragrances

Please consult with a professional doctor before using our products about any severe hair problems such as Alopecia, hair loss, itchy scalp, overly sensitive scalp, sever dry scalp or any form of skin problems.

2. Booster Hair Growth Tips

Genetics play the biggest role in hair growth.

Use these simple tips to help with your healthy hair growth journey!

  • Trim your ends every 8-12 weeks- (no exceptions) If your ends are uneven/damaged you will suffer from severe hair loss. Trimming your ends helps to maintain your length and helps with healthy hair growth.
  • Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of green healthy foods. Healthy hair growth starts with a healthy body. Try not to smoke. Smoking can restrict blood flow which can stunt hair growth.
  • Keep your scalp clean and hydrated. When washing your hair, make sure you are cleansing your scalp gently but throughly. ALWAYS follow up with a conditioner and try to leave it in for at least 10-20 minutes if you can. Be sure to hydrate/moisturize your scalp daily if you can. We recommend a nice mist refresher spray on the scalp and hair. Try our Rosemary Hair Spray Set.
  • Try Hot Oil Treatments. The owner of Queensanity®️ is a huge fan of hot oil treatments due to the fact that these treatments grew her hair from damaged to long and healthier hair. Try to create monthly routine for your hot oil treatment. Once a week would help drastically for hydration/moisture. Please see below "How to use products"
  • Train your hair! This may sound funny to train something like hair but it's true. If you use flatirons all the time on your hair, you may notice how your hair texture and curl patten is trained to stay straight. If you want to start wearing your natural hair or to rejuvenate your hair, try not using any chemicals or heat in your hair to train your natural hair strand, especially if you have a curly hair pattern. Stay away from heat.
3. What causes hair loss/shedding?

Genetics is the most significant cause of hair loss, like male pattern baldness.

Other causes can be diet, stress, lifestyle, illness, over processed hair(Perming/ Bleaching), hormone changes, environmental damage (sun damage)

Ways to help prevent hair loss

  • Trim your ends every 8-12 weeks
  • Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of healthy green foods(juicing is great) Cleanse your body!
  • Keep your hair and scalp clean and hydrated.
  • Avoid harsh hair treatments like heating tools/bleaching hair or tight protective styles(ponytails & braids)
  • Cover your hair in the Sun
  • Stop SMOKING! (it literally dehydrates your cells)
  • Use a hydrating/mild/non chemical Shampoo & Conditioner or add Hair Growth Oils and Sprays into the shampoo and conditioner to help daily with hydration.
4. Will Queensanity®️ products make my hair grow faster?

Genetic factors are responsible for the density, length, color and texture of your hair.

We can not guarantee that your hair will grow faster due to genetic factors, however our Herbal Infused Products will help to create a healthy foundation(scalp) for longevity healing and hair growth with consistant use.

Read number 2-Hair Growth Booster Tips⬆

5. Are these products Child Safe?

Yes! Due to the natural ingredients our products are safe for children.

We recommend testing a small amount on children hair before using larger amounts. A little goes a long way with our products. We also recommend the hair sprays over the oils.

We now recommend using the products on children ages 5+ to be safe and do not add the products directly to children's scalp if the child has a sensitive scalp or allergies.

If you've been using the products on smaller children and the products have been working for your children's hair, its completely okay to keep using the products 🙂

Our Kakadu Plum Chebe Hair Loss oil does have our menthol crystal infused peppermint essential oil mix infused into the product. This gives the scalp that slight tingle sensation but also can irritate the eyes, nose, and mouth. We recommend using this product on your children's hair ages 7+ or at least with an adult present. Be sure to wash your hands after use and avoid touching your skin after.

6. Will this work on my ___ hair?

Due to the natural ingredients Queensanity®️ products works on ALL HAIR TYPES AND HAIRSTYLES

Ethnicities: ALL

  • Natural Hair
  • Dreads/Locs
  • Protective Styles
  • Transitioning Hair
  • Straight Hair
  • Curly Hair
  • Wavy Hair
  • Beard Hair

Please try and use the products different ways to see which option works best for your hair type. We recommend hot oil treatments for all of the oils.

7. How do I use these products?

(Use for at least 6 months, consistently)

use once a day or every other day as needed for moisture and hydration.

_1. Apply oil/spray to scalp and massage gently, and leave in

__2.If Oil/Spray is too heavy for your hair type , apply small amount to fingertips and massage into scalp gently

__3.Add Oil/Spray to Shampoo & Conditioner to help hydrate scalp and shaft. Rinse thoroughly

__4. Use Oil/Spray as a Hot Oil Treatment- Apply Oil to scalp and shaft, massage gently. Apply 2-3 Plastic Caps, leave on for 20-30 minutes with or without hair dryer. Shampoo throughly!

8. How do I use these Products? Sensitive Scalp?

(Use for at least 6 months, consistently)

Here’s other ways to use the products if you have a sensitive scalp!

1. A little goes a long way. Don’t drench your hair with the oil. Apply smaller amounts

2. Don’t apply directly on the scalp anymore(if experiencing any uncomfortable scalp behaviors). Apply oil to finger tips and run the oil on the shaft of the hair to moisturize

3. Add the oil to shampoo and conditioners to help with hydration, repair, and healthier hair growth

4. Apply every other day or every few days to keep hair moisturized and to help strengthen the hair over time.

5. Use as a hot oil treatment. Apply the oil to just the shaft of the hair(not scalp) then cover with plastic caps. Wash hair throughly after 20 minutes

The oil can be used in different ways to help with strengthening the hair to prevent hair loss and less breakage which will lead to longevity healthier hair.

9. I have Hair Loss/Alopecia. What should I use?

Before using our products, we recommend seeing a doctor about your hair loss/hair needs for severe problems. We do not guarantee any success of our products due to medical problems.

If you've spoken to a doctor and want to try another form of treatment, we highly recommend the 4pc booster hair sets. These sets are made to boost hair growth while healing the scalp to promote longevity healthier hair.

10. I have Heat/Color/Sun damaged hair. What should I use?

Don't worry! Heat damaged and color damaged can be fixed but not over night. Using heat on your hair causes serious curl pattern damage and may seem impossible to cure. And dying your hair leaves your hair dry if not well taking care of. Anything that changes the structure of your hair is considered a chemical. So be careful and try your best to get your hair done professionally if you can and try not to perm, straighten, or dye your hair as often.

We recommend using our best seller 2pc Rosemary Hair Spray to help restore and strengthen the hair follicles and hair/curls.

We also recommend our hair booster 4pc sets

11. Can I use multiple products at once?

Yes! Our products can be used all at once.

Examples of Use:

You can use the oils one day to do a hot oil treatment. After washing and conditioners your hair after the oil treatment, you use the hair sprays to hydrate your hair.

12. What hair growth vitamins do you use?

Quееnѕаnіtу®️ uses our homemade crystalized оrgаnіс/vegan сruѕhеd hair multivitamins (Vegan Biotin and Organic Vitamin C Powder) in еасh product tо help clean the hair fоllісlеѕ tо рrоmоtе healthier hаіr growth.

(Can not be removed duе to рrоduсtѕ mаdе in bulk).

13. What preservative do you use?

Queensanity®️ uses phenonip or germall for products that are made with water. (Can not be removed due to bulk production)

14. Why is the color a little different than my last order?

Ѕіnсе аll of our hаіr аnd ѕkіn care рrоduсtѕ аrе natural, vаrіаtіоnѕ іn соlоr and tеxturе can occur. Natural products аrе made wіth herbs and cold рrеѕѕеd оіlѕ. Ѕоmеtіmеѕ the соlоr оr соnѕіѕtеnсу mау bе ѕlіghtlу dіffеrеnt dереndіng оn thе соlоr of the оіlѕ and herbs at tіmе оf рrоduсtіоn. Thіѕ іѕ nаturаl! The рrоduсtѕ аrе ѕtіll thе same great quality as уоur previous purchase. Herbs mау fаll to the bottom of еасh bottle duе tо роwdеrеd hеrbѕ bеіng infused. Thіѕ is nоrmаl. Рlеаѕе ѕhаkе еасh bоttlе before uѕіng. If buуіng whоlеѕаlе, hеrbѕ wіll be at thе bottom оf thе bottle аnd аn еxtrа оunсе іѕ аddеd to each wholesale tо help counter thе herbs. Рrоduсtѕ саn bе filtered using a cheesecloth if сuѕtоmеrѕ dесіdеѕ to use the ехtrа оunсе

15. Shipping~Returns~Exchanges

Processing days are 3 to 5 Business Days ❗️THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING DAYS WHICH ARE 2 to 4 DAYS ( 7- 10 day delivery)

⚠️Add *Signature Confirmation* to any order for an additional $3.40.

⚠️We do not offer rеfundѕ, returns оr exchanges. All sales are FINAL.
This includes mishaps with USPS/UPS. Please add Signature confirmation at checkout to insure that each order will be delivered upon signature confirmation.

If your delivery confirmation states that any of your packages were delivered to the address on file, but the packages are missing, unfortunately we do not refund or send out another order. Customers will have to file a claim with the carrier.

16. Do you sell Wholesale?

Yes! Our wholesale private/white label is our top sellers.

Our wholesale is bought in bulk and YOU have to bottle and label yourself.

Things to keep in mind

  • We do not individually bottle oils/sprays
  • We do not give advice on where to purchase any products or ingredients (Please research on your own)
  • If you do not see the product in wholesale, we do not sell it
17. Should I put the products in the refrigerator?

Products should be stored in a cool environment. Temperature of room should be between 65°-75°.

Yes, you can put the products in the refrigerator to help with shelf life and freshness.

All products have the expiration date on the label. Please do not use after expiration date.

Products should be used within 6 months to aid in healthy hair growth.

18. How can I become a Brand Ambassador/Influencer?

Apply to become a Brand Ambassador. Please fill out the application at the link below. If you are chosen, we'll contact you via email.


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