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Natural Hair Care: Top Hair Care Tips to Get Thicker and Healthier Hair


“The most beautiful makeup for any women is her natural and healthy hair”


Thick, long and glorious hair is everyone’s dream to enhance their beauty. Just like skin, our hair also needs proper care. If you do not take the steps to proper hair care, then a time will come that no matter what you do it won't look good. 

Research has shown that 90% of women do not feel confident because of their hair. Why does the hair has a great impact on confidence? Experts said,” Woman gets the greatest number of compliments if her hair is healthy and beautiful”


You'll face various hair issues like thinning hair, flaky scalp, balding, brittle hair, splits ends and slow hair growth, etc. For solving these problems, there are a lot of hair care products made with toxins. These chemical products are very harmful to both your hair and scalp.

Natural healing products are chemical-free, completely made with natural ingredients, and are easy to use for everyone. Here is a list of tips that you can use to get thicker and healthier hair. Talk about the win-win!

Oil and massage your hair:


Oiling your hair before washing will works wonders for you. Try oiling and massaging before one or two hours of washing hair. Oiling improves blood circulation on the scalp and helps to exfoliate the scalp.


For different hair types and hair issues, different hair oils are used. You can use our Fenugreek Chebe Oil-Lavender Infused for natural hair thickening and vibrant strands. 

You can use Kakadu Plum Chebe Hair Loss Oil for thinning hair and brittle edges due to aging. It contains vitamin C and collagen to keep your hair follicles strong. It’s an important part of the hair structure.


Wash your hair using chemical-free shampoo:

Shampoo is the basic need of your hair to remove dirt, excessive oil and sweat. But shampoos that contain chemicals can harm your hairs and make them weak instead of strengthening them. So it's  best to use chemical-free shampoos.

2 in 1 Aloe Vera Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner will blow your mind as it is a natural shampoo with Aloe Vera to help heal your flaky scalp, shea butter to keep hair follicles moist and rice water for faster hair growth. It can be used two to four times a month to restore scalp.

Condition your hair with natural products:

Conditioners also help in moisturizing and hydrating your hair. For thicker, shiny and frizz-free hair, Thicker Hair -Clarifying 2in1 Shampoo + Conditioner is the right product for you. It works best for all hair types. This product is best to use to get soft hair and helps in fast and thick hair growth. It moisturizes dry hair and you can detangle hair knots easily. There is nothing like healthy hair to make you confident and attractive.

Comb your hair after wash:


Always comb your wet hair using a wide wooden tooth comb. Combing your hair properly can increase your scalp's blood supply, which results in healthier, strong hair. It mimics finger combing and enables you to smooth your hair without breaking strands.

Before combing your wet hair, use our Growth Hair Spray Combo-Aloe Vera /Daily Spray. This hair spray will help prevent hair breakage as it helps in detangling your hair while combing and gives your hair a soft and shiny look.


Maintaining our hair is essential and gives our hair a long and healthy life. Try using these natural hair care products regularly to get the best results.

We care about your hair! 
Get ready for the admiring looks you will get everywhere you go!!!




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