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Gorgeous Hair and Skin is the Best Revenge

Wholesale: Herbal Face & Neck Serum

Wholesale: Herbal Face & Neck Serum

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Wholesale: Herbal Face & Neck Serum

Experience the power of nature with our lightweight Herbal Face & Neck Serum! With organic ingredients and a herbal infusion, it's designed to soften, repair, soothe, and smooth your skin without any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. Upgrade your skincare routine and enjoy the all-natural benefits!
____About the Product____
This lightweight smooth Natural Herbal Face Serum is great for all skin types and helps to smooth and soothe the skin.

*Can be added to any face wash, face moisturizer or any face products to help enhance skin care routine

✔Super soft and smooth skin
✔Helps fight acne-prone skins
✔Fine lines
✔Razor bumps
✔Helps ease Blackhead, Whiteheads, and Pimples

No Chemical
No Artificial Fragrances
Skin Type: All
Ethnicities: All
Gender: Women|Men
Areas: Face & Neck Bonus: Hair & Nails

✦All orders come with Free Product Sample & How To Use Brochure
✦ Ready To Use Formula
✦Skin Cycle Time: Use 3-6 Months Consistently- Result Vary
✦Shelf Life: 1 Year
✦Sizes: 32oz

✦Consistency: Medium smooth consistency- NON GREASY-Instant absorption

Unscented (You can add your own Scent)
Rose Scent: Mild Scent/Light Scent/Non Irritant(ROSE SCENT COMES INSIDE OIL**NOT ON THE SIDE)

✦Color: Orange golden
❗️Herbs are infused into the oils and filtered out so that your customers can see a nice natural orange golden clear product
Herbal Face Serum:
Organic Turmeric, Organic Rose Petals, Green Tea Powder, Chamomile Flower, Calendula, Rosemary Leaf, Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Apricot Oil, Multivitamins: Vegan Biotin + Extra Vitamin C Powder (Ascorbic Acid)
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Quick FAQ


⚠️ Please refrain from using our products if you are allergic to any ingredients contained in them. We recommend conducting a small patch test and using a smaller amount before applying larger quantities. Do not use our products if you have an overly sensitive scalp or any existing skin problems.

Please note that our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. We do not promise or guarantee specific results. Queensanity®️ does not accept liability for any issues arising from the use of our products.

How to use + FAQ + Hair TIps

About our products

✦ All orders include a Free Product Sample & How To Use Brochure
✦ Growth Cycle Time: Use consistently for 3-6 months - Results may vary
✦ Shelf Life: 1 Year
✦ Sizes: Generous 16oz bottles or 128oz for Wholesale Options
✦ Consistency of Products:

  • All Hair Sprays: Lightweight mist spray with a water-like consistency, non-greasy
  • All Hair Oils: Lightweight, non-greasy (A little goes a long way)
    ✦ Scents: (NO MODIFICATIONS)

  • *No Chemicals
  • *No Artificial Fragrances
    ✦ Hair Type: All
    ✦ Ethnicities: All
    ✦ Gender: Women | Men
    ✦ Suitable for: All Natural Hair, Beards, Dreads/Locs, Protective Styles
    ✦ Can be given as a Gift

How Products Are Made

Queensanity®️ prioritizes your natural hair care by using a perfect blend of pure and organic ingredients.

~ Our Process ~
We create our oils and sprays through an infusion process, combining our oils or pressed aloe vera juice with our renowned herb blend and handmade crystallized hair vitamins. We utilize special equipment to ensure the herbs evenly distribute throughout the oil and aloe juice, creating a potent formula.

After the infusion process, we filter out the herbs to give our products a clean appearance. However, due to the herbal infusion, some herbs may settle at the bottom of the bottles. This is natural and safe for both your hair and skin. It's the good stuff! 😉

Ask a Question--Please view "How to use" first

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Block (United States)
I will most definitely shop from here agai...

I will most definitely shop from here again

M. (United States)
It came just as advertised

It came just as advertised

Sallie (United States)
I love my herbal face and neck serum. It's...

I love my herbal face and neck serum. It's just what it says in the description. Really met my expectations and will be a continuous customer. I know my customers for my small business will love it.