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Gorgeous Hair and Skin is the Best Revenge

Castor & Rosemary Growth Oil

Castor & Rosemary Growth Oil

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Luxurious with an aromatic fragrance, Hair Confidence is a hair growth oil that restores the health of your hair through the power of regenerative, plant-based ingredients. Pure castor oil, rosemary, alma, black seed, onion and carrot oil are expertly crafted and blended to promote new hair growth. 

Fill in scalp areas that may be thinning or use all over to stimulate hair growth and promote thick, strong strands of hair. It’s a wholesome herbal hair care product formulated with only pure and organic ingredients.

For all hair types, including thin, thick, coarse, straight, wavy, curly, coily and more. Our progressive Hair Confidence is a wonderful hair serum for all ethnicities and effective for both women and men.

Hair Confidence hair oil is crafted for new hair growth and:

  • Naturally scented from the bounty of essential oils, herbs and vegetables
  • Is made all natural with no chemicals or artificial fragrances
  • Infused with real herbs and veggies, like rosemary, chunks of alma and carrot pieces
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⚠️ Please refrain from using our products if you are allergic to any ingredients contained in them. We recommend conducting a small patch test and using a smaller amount before applying larger quantities. Do not use our products if you have an overly sensitive scalp or any existing skin problems.

Please note that our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. We do not promise or guarantee specific results. Queensanity®️ does not accept liability for any issues arising from the use of our products.

How to use + FAQ + Hair TIps

About our products

✦ All orders include a Free Product Sample & How To Use Brochure
✦ Growth Cycle Time: Use consistently for 3-6 months - Results may vary
✦ Shelf Life: 1 Year
✦ Sizes: Generous 16oz bottles or 128oz for Wholesale Options
✦ Consistency of Products:

  • All Hair Sprays: Lightweight mist spray with a water-like consistency, non-greasy
  • All Hair Oils: Lightweight, non-greasy (A little goes a long way)
    ✦ Scents: (NO MODIFICATIONS)

  • *No Chemicals
  • *No Artificial Fragrances
    ✦ Hair Type: All
    ✦ Ethnicities: All
    ✦ Gender: Women | Men
    ✦ Suitable for: All Natural Hair, Beards, Dreads/Locs, Protective Styles
    ✦ Can be given as a Gift

How Products Are Made

Queensanity®️ prioritizes your natural hair care by using a perfect blend of pure and organic ingredients.

~ Our Process ~
We create our oils and sprays through an infusion process, combining our oils or pressed aloe vera juice with our renowned herb blend and handmade crystallized hair vitamins. We utilize special equipment to ensure the herbs evenly distribute throughout the oil and aloe juice, creating a potent formula.

After the infusion process, we filter out the herbs to give our products a clean appearance. However, due to the herbal infusion, some herbs may settle at the bottom of the bottles. This is natural and safe for both your hair and skin. It's the good stuff! 😉

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Customer Reviews

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S. (United States)
5 stars

5 stars

Avia J (United States)
Light weight and scent !

Light weight and scent !

Iesha A. (United States)
Makes my locs look and feel amazing! Thank...

Makes my locs look and feel amazing! Thanks once again!❤️