DIY Hair Growth Mask: Thicker Hair

DIY Hair Growth Mask: Thicker Hair

Recent research has shown that up to 50% of women can expect to experience some level of hair loss during their lifetime. However, there's our favorite herb, Fenugreek, to help thicken the hair strands and strengthen the hair follicle to prevent less hair fall. Fenugreek is a great addition to your hair care routine.

Fenugreek is a plant native to India, but it has become popular around the world due to its medicinal properties. It’s especially known for its ability to increase breast milk production in lactating women. It also helps with hair growth and thickness by stimulating the scalp and promoting blood circulation to the follicles. If you want thicker hair, fenugreek seed powder is the way to go.

With these amazing properties in Fenugreek seed, it's no wonder our Fenugreek Thickening Chebe Hair Food with fresh Lavender Scent is our best seller. We pair the amazing fenugreek with chebe powder to exaggerate your healthy hair growth cycles. 

Chebe Powder is made from the seeds of the African plant called Chebe Palm. This plant grows in many parts of Africa and is known for its medicinal properties, particularly when it comes to the treatment of various scalp conditions like dandruff and hair loss.

Paired with any DIY hair mask, your hair would love the creamy smooth mixture from the smooth non greasy Fenugreek Chebe Hair Food Oil.


DIY Hair Growth Mask: Ingredients

Now, let's talk about this powerful DIY Hair Growth Mask that will leave your hair begging for more.


  • Avocado 🥑
  • Honey 🍯
  • Almond Milk 🥛
  • Aloe Vera Plant and Juice 🌱
  • Fenugreek Chebe Hair Food Oil 

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